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- Window 10 compatibility.
+ Middle mouse button runs same application.
+ Settings for flashed windows.
- Quick launch bar. Icons loading optimization (does not stun taskbar at first access to).
- Taskbar background color. The color will not be applied when is not set.

+ Tray context menu. You can switch between Windows taskbar and taskbow now.
- Quick launch panel. Buttons alignment in Windows 7.

+ Active task color. You can set color for active(current) task button now.
+ Setting windows for colors. All changes applied instantly within editing.
+ Dragging of content to task button or to quick launch pad button opens this task or run this program.
- Win XP. Size and position of quick launch bar.
- Win XP. Correct text color of 'once color' buttons.
- Classic taskbar, buttons alignment.
- Some small fixes.

+ Group settings. You can set max task buttons width.
+ Common settings. Taskbow has taskbar background tone.
- Big buttons in Win7. Did not work until you apply this setting in Windows indirectly
- Quick launch bar in WinXP. Wrong click area.
- Some small fixes.
+Buttons settings dialogs. Now, you'll see changed colors in taskbar too.
-Buttons settings dialogs. Canceling did not restore old values
-Task context menu. Context menu for programs which were started 'As administrator' is available partly

+Big buttons in taskbar.
+Group/nogroup setting.
+Colors in buttons list dialog.
-Correction of colors on dialogs.
-Number of issues.
- Quick launch bar doesn't present on startup, when no window is on desktop.
- Windows 7. Once color for programs which run As Administrator.
- Buttons are not checked after restoring.
- Windows 7. Taskbow can't minimize or restore applications with administrator's rights.
- Windows XP, panels. Height of buttons for clicks and height of buttons for view are different.
- Vertical position. Quick launch bar runs program from icons incorrectrly.
- Vertical position. Panels of prorgams have empty spaces.
- Taskbar has blinks within resizing.
- Quick launch bar. Drag'n'Drop doesn't pass arguments fron shortcuts.

+ Quick launch bar. Drag'n'Drop allows to add programs to Quick launch panel quickly.
- Some programs states issues.
- Quick Launch toolbar. Not all elements are found in the system when you first start.

- Startup with Windows fails sometimes.


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